Online Group Lessons

Online Group Lessons

Our Juniors to Masters Chess Academy Program offers an efficient and affordable way to improve JtM Students’ chess skills by providing quality, online group training led by Grandmaster Gergely Szabo and other Master Lecturers.

Master Lectures

Small groups of JtM Students will learn essential opening, middlegame, and endgame lessons that have been well thought-out by GM Szabo. JtM Students are encouraged to ask questions and respond to the Master’s questions during the Master Lecture.

Training Games

JtM Students will also benefit tremendously from training games against training partners of similar strength, starting from a carefully crafted, set position designed to reinforce the critical learning points and to give hands-on application of the learning obtained from the Master Lecture.

Student Homework

JtM Students will then review, annotate, and submit their training games in order to learn from them. In addition, JtM Students are provided with the PGN (game files) from the Master Lecture and additional games on the same topic to review. All of which helps to reinforce the learning of that specific topic.

Video Access to Master Lectures

Access to videos of the Master Lectures allow JtM Students to replay the lectures. If JtM Students have a schedule conflict with a LIVE Master Lecture, they can watch it anytime at their convenience after the Master Lecture's original air date, so they don't miss out on any of the great learning.

Online Master Tournaments Exclusive to JtM Students

JtM Students will have access to attend online Master Tournaments to gain experience and to simply have fun with the other JtM Students and JtM In House Masters.