Covid-19 Rating Incentive

Announcement by Paul Leblanc, CFC Rating Auditor on CFC Rated Internet Games and COVID-19 Rating Incentive (Updated as of July 2, 2020):

The CFC is accepting Internet events for Quick (Active) rating. Internet events with slower time controls normally rated Regular may also be submitted for Quick (Active) rating.

In order to provide an incentive for CFC members to participate in CFC rated Internet events during the COVID-19 crisis, the CFC has introduced a temporary measure to allow players to adjust their Regular ratings upwards if they meet specified criteria during the period 1 April 2020 to 1 April 2021.

Players who play a minimum of 10 CFC rated games between 1 April 2020 and 1 April 2021 and who attain a Quick/Active rating that is 200 points higher than their Regular rating will have their Regular rating increased by 200 points. The minimum time control for qualifying events is 25 minutes per player including increments. The total time is calculated based on a 60-move game, for example 15 minutes per player plus a 10 second increment.

The COVID-19 rating incentive can only be earned once per player where rating exceeds 1000. Players with ratings under 1000 are eligible for a second 200 bonus to a maximum rating of 1200. Only paid-up CFC members are eligible for this incentive. The new Regular rating cannot exceed 2000.

It will not be necessary for players to apply for the COVID-19 rating incentive. It will be done as part of the regular rating process at the end of the incentive period. You may apply to have it adjust earlier by email.

Thank you to Victoria Doknjas who originally suggested the COVIDS-19 rating incentive. She provided the following words:

Most of us recognize that we are all living in a very challenging time. We can either sit back and wait, or we can look for innovative ways to help our chess community. One way would be to allow proposals like this one to keep chess activities going, as this is a message of encouragement -- that our CFC members are participating in a meaningful pastime that can increase their CFC Regular rating if they work hard enough and if they put in the effort to continue to play serious chess during this Covid-19 time.

It is my stance that if we put forward innovative proposals and ideas during this very challenging time, that we can be more of a light to our chess community, an encouragement, and a source of enjoyment that can have meaningful outcomes."

Victoria Doknjas
Co-Founder of Juniors to Masters Inc.

Paul Leblanc
Treasurer, Chess Foundation of Canada
CFC Rating Auditor
CFC Governor