Juniors to Masters Sunshine Open

Juniors to Masters Sunshine Open
All Juniors and Adults are Welcome to Play! 

Open Section
U1200 Section

Date/Time: Saturday, July 25, 2020

Round Times: 
Round 1: 12:05pm PST / 3:05pm EST
Round 2: 1:20pm PST / 4:20pm EST
Round 3: 2:35pm PST / 5:35pm EST
Round 4: 3:50pm PST/ 6:50pm EST
Round 5: 5:05pm PST / 8:05pm EST

Time Control: 15 mins + 10 sec incr.

# of Rounds: 5

Sections:  Updated:  Open and U1200 Sections
Juniors to Masters Sunshine Open:  Pairings and Standings
Juniors to Masters Sunshine U1200:  Pairings and Standings

1 or 2 sections based on the # of Players.
- If 2 sections, the cutoff rating for the top section will be determined based on the registered Players and their CFC ratings.
- This will give all Players games with similar strength Players and a better chance to score rating points by way of the Covid-19 Rating Incentive.

Tournament Fee:  $25 + taxes ($28.25)
- Follow Instructions to e-transfer payment and include CFC dues if membership has expired.
- Early Bird discount ended on July 21, 2020.

CFC Active Rated
- Valid CFC Membership Required -- applicable CFC dues need to accompany tournament fee.

Platform: Chess.com, also chess.com rated.

Video Monitoring via Zoom:  May be required.

Byes:  Only bye requests made before the start of the tournament will be granted.

TDs: Brendan Woodroff (Chief Arbiter), Victoria Jung-Doknjas (Deputy Arbiter), Neil Doknjas (Arbiter), Joshua Doknjas (Arbiter)

Organizer: Juniors to Masters Inc.

We reserve the right to refuse entry.